JULY 16-19


Medical Treatment Authorization
I understand that I will be notified in the case of a medical emergency. However, in the event that I cannot be reached, I authorize the calling of the doctor and/or the emergency contact listed in the event that my child is seriously injured or becomes seriously ill. I authorize the agent(s) representing Bandon Christian Fellowship to make emergency medical care decisions on behalf of my child if no other listed guardian, doctor, or emergency contact can be reached in a reasonable amount of time. I authorize the agent(s) to act in my place to consent to all necessary and appropriate x-ray examinations, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment, and hospital care. I understand that the agent representing Bandon Christian Fellowship will not be responsible for medical expenses incurred solely on the basis of this authorization. I further agree to notify Bandon Christian Fellowship in writing of any health changes that would restrict my child’s participation in any normal activities. I also understand that the agent(s) representing Bandon Christian Fellowship reserve the right to restrict my child from any activity that they do not feel is within the physical capabilities of my child.